Meet Kaelab

Hiking, fishing, camping, the great outdoors is calling and Kaelab is ready to go! A true nature lover through and through, Kaelab loves getting outside to explore and learn. Fishing is a favorite pastime, but he also loves watching wildlife, learning about plants and hiking in the mountains. Kaelab has spent a lot of his life growing up in the country and also enjoys tending to animals and gardening.

When he’s not outside, Kaelab is happy to spend time playing with his Pokémon cards and Bey Blades which he’s eager to share with other kids and the adults in his life. Kaelab is great at connecting with the people around him and enjoys feeling like he’s part of the group. He’s a skilled conversationalist and has a wonderful sense of humor that keeps everyone around him in stiches.

Currently in the 8th grade, Kaelab does well in school with the guidance and support from his teachers and aids. He’s really enjoyed his life skills class this year, and has made huge progress in learning how to do things for himself. A family that will continue to help him hone these skills while giving him the encouragement and support he needs will be a great fit.

Kaelab has expressed that he wants to be adopted and that he’d love a family who’s active and loves to get outside. He has said he’d most like a family with a mom and dad, or two moms, but any family configuration could work well for him, and with the right guidance and assistance, Kaelab would do great with older or younger siblings… and animals!

Kaelab’s team is excited to hear from patient, loving families who can help Kaelab with his daily needs and continued development of his life skills. If you can see Kaelab in your family, reach out! We can’t wait to find Kaelab the adoptive family he deserves!