Meet Gregg and Oliver

Gregg and Oliver are two brothers with a strong bond who are ready to find their future family – together! Their caregivers describe them both as being friendly, sweet, and kind kids.

Gregg loves being a big helper and is always looking for ways he can assist the people in his life. Lately, he’s been doing a lot of helping out in his school’s library. Like his older brother, Oliver also loves to lend a helping hand and will go out of his way to make sure people feel supported by him! He loves to stay busy and feel useful. Oliver is a very funny kid, always looking to make the people in his life laugh. Much like his brother, he’s always smiling!

In the 3rd grade, Gregg loves having computer time in the library, reading, and going to the gym for P.E. Friendly and outgoing, he enjoys being able to participate in his classes. Gregg will thrive with a family that can help him with his educational goals and help him continue to be successful in school.

It’s important for Gregg to know his schedule to help him keep up with everything going on in his life! A family that can help Gregg maintain and understand his routine, and keep him up-to-date with any upcoming changes would be awesome as he continues to learn to become more independent.

In the 1st grade, Oliver enjoys any chance he can get to be active. It’s no wonder his favorite class is P.E. Oliver’s caregivers describe him as being very determined, and that once he puts his mind to something, he really goes for it! A family who will help him keep that determination and provide lots of encouragement would be very beneficial for Oliver.

An avid video game player, Gregg would be happy to sit down with you and teach you all about his favorite video games that he enjoys playing. When he’s not inside gaming, you might find Gregg swimming or practicing his Hapkido (a form of martial arts!). His caregiver reports that he is making excellent progress in his swimming lessons!

A budding artist, Oliver loves creating masterpieces of artwork and showing them to everyone! He’s always sharing, whether that’s his latest creation, or just sharing some of his favorite toys to play with. Oliver thrives when he receives one-on-one attention from adults in his life. He loves spending quality time with his people, and his brother, of course.

Together with their caseworker, Gregg and Oliver are looking for a family who can help them grow up together. We know it’s what they deserve, so if you think you could be a great fit for these awesome brothers, please reach out!