Meet Mariah, Quinten, and Kingston

Mariah, Quinten, and Kingston are three siblings that are excited to be adopted together. The children have exceptionally strong bonds to one another and are eager to find a family who can support their relationship.

Mariah is sweet, considerate, and responsible. Everyone loves Mariah – she is kind to caregivers, teachers, and all of the other adults in her life. She’s a warm and friendly kid who makes friends everywhere she goes, from school to her neighborhood. A few of Mariah’s favorite things are sleepovers and hanging out with her friends after school. Mariah is an enthusiastic participant in softball and volleyball and really has a blast at practice. She also enjoys swimming and camping – indoor and outdoor adventures alike!

Now in 8th grade, Mariah does very well in school and consistently pushes herself to fully understand and learn. Her hard work pays off. In the past, she has even made the school’s honor roll and received a recognition award for her hard work and dedication.

Quinten is a happy, fun-loving, energetic kid who has an infectious laugh. He loves to play outdoors where he has lots of fun running, jumping, and tumbling. Quinten has experience in playing soccer and basketball, both of which he loves! His foster parents think it is an especially good outlet for his active energy. In addition to sports and other physical activities, Quinten also enjoys superheroes and playing with toy cars. Quinten is in 1st grade and does very well with a consistent routine.

Kingston is a happy and kind kiddo who likes to follow his older brother around and likes to snuggle with Mariah. He warms up quickly to others around him. Kingston loves being active, especially outdoors. Among his favorite activities are playing with toy balls, jumping on the trampoline and racing toy cars. Kingston enjoys attending his preschool program where he does really well. Kingston also does well with a consistent daily routine and structure.

The children’s social worker looks forward to hearing from potential adoptive families who want the opportunity to parent these wonderful kids; a two-parent home would be an especially great fit. Mariah has a lot to share with her adoptive family, and parent(s) who will encourage her in all of her endeavors and build upon the things she enjoys will be a wonderful fit. Her brothers, Quinten and Kingston, will bring lots of joy and pleasure to those families who want to parent two kids who have lots of love and happiness to share with their new family. If you are interested in learning more about these loving siblings, please let us know! We are excited to find the right adoptive home for Mariah, Quinten, and Kingston.

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