Meet Laramie

His social worker says he’s an incredible young man, and Laramie certainly has the personality to back it up. Laramie is a super sarcastic kid with a very smart, witty sense of humor. His ability to tell a joke and provide a bit of laughter makes him a super endearing and engaging person to be around. When he isn’t cracking someone up, he is likely spending time on the computer. Laramie has a way with technology and is really smart when it comes to anything related to the computer.

In school, Laramie has made awesome progress. His classroom environment is a great setting for him and with the encouragement and support of his foster parents, he’s doing very well. Laramie is really selective with how he spends his time and energy. When it comes time to choose free time on the computer or reading a book for school, he is very purposeful in making his decision. An adoptive family who will continue to provide Laramie with the support and encouragement he needs to be successful in school will be a great fit for him.

Laramie tends to be reserved when he first meets someone new, but over time, he’ll loosen up and crack a joke or two. An adoptive family who will understand his need for a longer transition into a new home will be essential.

Laramie will do well with a one or two parent household where he is the only child or the youngest of older siblings. A family who will provide firm but supportive boundaries and rely on positive praise will be the best fit for him.

If you can envision this funny, intelligent kid in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find Laramie the adoptive family he deserves.

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