Meet Sierra and Bentley

Bentley and Sierra are happy, active, energetic kids who can’t wait to be adopted by a family who matches their energy and enthusiasm. These siblings really love one another and would like to be adopted together by an experienced, calm family who enjoy staying busy and being active. These two will bring a lot of joy to the right adoptive family.

Bentley really enjoys being able to tinker with toys, take part in interactive activities, and build with Legos. He’s super engaged in hands-on tasks, especially if he’s joined by a caring adult or friend. As aforementioned, Bentley is a super happy kid who absolutely loves to play outside. The great outdoors are a good place to match Bentley’s energy and interest in remaining active. Bentley likes to ride his bike or skateboard—two of his favorite outdoor activities, though he’s pretty open to anything that gets him outside having fun. Recently, Bentley has joined a soccer team and has really enjoyed it and the ability to expend some of his extra energy. While indoors, Bentley is most likely playing with his treasured toy cars.

Bentley is currently in the 2nd grade and is doing well in school. Bentley does particularly well when he has the guidance and direction of a teacher or a mentor. A future adoptive family that will help him prioritize school and provide supervision as he continues to learn would be great.

Sierra is a very sweet and happy kid who enjoys a wide variety of activities. Just like her brother, Sierra really likes to get outside and play. She’s happy doing anything active in the beautiful outdoors, especially riding her bike or playing soccer. Just like Bentley, Sierra has recently joined a recreational soccer team and has really enjoyed the experience. Sierra has a soft spot for animals and also loves playing with her dolls.

Currently in the 1st grade, Sierra is making progress with the help of teachers and her educational advocate. A future adoptive family will surely continue to guide Sierra through her educational future while encouraging her to continue to make progress.

Both Sierra and Bentley would do really well in an energetic and experienced adoptive home. Both kids would do best as the only children in the home, or with significantly older siblings. An adoptive family who loves to stay busy and active while also maintaining a relaxing, patient, and structured environment for these kids would be the best fit. Bentley and Sierra are fun, loving kids who really appreciate lots of quality time together and as individuals. An adoptive family who can provide consistency, love, care, and excitement to these kids would be the best fit.

If you can envision Bentley and Sierra in your family, please reach out to us! These great kids deserve the right adoptive family.

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