Meet Hunter, Amanda, Jacob, and Mathew

Can you balance cuteness with chaos? Blissful bonds with boisterousness? Well add up three rowdy boys plus one tender (but tough) little girl and you’ve got it all!

Mathew, Hunter, Amanda and Jacob are social, fun and adorable siblings. Their bonds are so strong, but they need a family’s stick-to-it-ness and commitment to keep them glued together. The ideal home would be fun, active, and kid friendly, yet with very clear rules and expectations.

With his radiant smile, Mathew is easy to warm up to! He can be funny and at times mischievous. Mathew is a leader, a solid student, aims for perfection; he strives for positive attention. A good reader, he likes to read mystery type books but is open to reading almost anything. He enjoys watching and playing football. He has played flag football and now is very interested in playing youth tackle football. He also plays baseball in the spring. Mathew states that his forever home would be with his siblings and two parents. He would like to have a cat and maybe a dog. He would also prefer his own room.

Mathew is a very polite and well-mannered youth who enjoys one on one time with a parent. He prefers calm to chaos, including even-keeled adults who connect with kids in positive, engaging ways, even when things get rough. Mathew also likes to be kept in the loop with what’s happening in the household. He desires to be in his permanent placement with a family that he can “settle” in with.

Hunter’s contagious personality brings energy to the room! He has a larger build and loves to run. A somewhat fearless explorer, in other ways he is so green and vulnerable. Hunter loves wrestling and karate and would relish learning to hunt and fish. A true outdoorsman, he is fascinated with bows and guns and thrives on being outdoors and learning about nature. Indoors, he busily builds with blocks and Legos. Hunter equally adores video games but does very well with a structured screen time agenda. Hunter states that his ideal forever home would be with his siblings and a “nice” mom and dad. He would like to have dogs and live in the city.

Hunter takes time to learn and when he finally understands something he masters it – he is smart! He needs parents with time to enrich his learning and who can help him with all of the skills he is still building.

Are you ready to talk? Bubbly Amanda is not afraid to initiate conversation. Petite, loving and sweet, she desires positive attention and loves to help and learn. Amanda adores nature and being outdoors. She enjoys playing with dolls and animals and especially loves her cat. Amanda would love to have a horse and learn to ride. A skilled gymnast, her passion is gymnastics and parkour; being active is important to Amanda. Amanda states that her forever home should be one with her siblings and where she can have a cat, dog or horse. She would be okay with one or two other kids but wants to be with her siblings and two parents. She would love to have a home in the mountains because she loves “the view in the mountains.”

Attuned emotionally to others, Amanda needs quality family time as well as a positive adult female role model that can provide one-on-one time. Amanda does best when she knows what to expect out of her day and has advance notice of any changes to her routine.

Active and incredibly strong, agile and tough, Jacob loves to wrestle and rough house. He loves to be outdoors and to run and play. When he isn't smiling and laughing, he is sleeping. He is easygoing unless he doesn't feel good. Jacob likes toys typical to his age, such as cars. His bedroom is decorated with the CARS movie characters and he loves to watch the movie CARS. He is not afraid to crawl into his bed by himself and take a nap if he is tired. He values his sleep-times for sure! Jacob is content to follow his siblings around and requires a home with baby proofing! This “Houdini” is very strong and will climb onto things, pick things up or open those seemingly child-proofed devices!

Strong willed but redirectable, Jacob enjoys structure and routine, and likes to know what is happening in his day. He is enjoying attending preschool. He loves to eat, especially green beans and some spicy food. Jacob’s ideal home will be with his siblings and where he has plenty of room to run outdoors.

Prospective caregivers will need to be open to engaging and maintaining previous relationships the children have, and helping these children learn about their roots.

An ideal adoptive family will be consistent, stable, loving, supportive and exceedingly patient. These children need caregivers who provide adequate supervision and structure, and who shower each with individual attention balanced with a recharging period of quiet and calm in the home. A thoughtful transition will be important. The children all are very vocal about being ready for their forever home and being together.

The children, especially Mathew, have a strong relationship with their faith and like to attend church. He has voiced wanting to continue going to a non-denominational church where he can continue attending youth activities.

What a fun and busy bunch these children will be!

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