Meet Lilly

Ready to laugh and play? Lilly is too. She’s no doubt ready to test her favorite new jokes out on you as a good starting place. Lilly has a great sense of humor and loves coming up with jokes, as she really enjoys trying to make others laugh.

She simply enjoys being creative. If it’s not jokes, it is singing. If not that, then it’s a clever scenario with her dolls, or an art project! She has a love for bringing her artistic ideas to life, and then sharing them with others.

Lilly is currently a 3rd grader in school, and wow, does she ever like to read! She’s also shown a lot of excitement when it comes to math, specifically multiplication. The problem solving particularly appeals to her! When not in the classroom, she’s enjoying gymnastics and practicing her cartwheels. She’s generally a very outgoing youth, who has been identified as a leader among her peers. She’s quick witted and can be incredibly kind and friendly to those she feels a trusting connection to.

She loves quality time with others. She enjoys being read to, being asked about her interests, and offered chances to really connect over those interests, too.

She’s been regarded as a child with self-awareness and impressive insight into the world. She loves knowing the reasoning behind things. She desires connection and community, and is always genuinely herself, no matter what situation she is in.

When it comes to finding a permanent home and family, she has expressed wanting a family that will be there for her, no matter whether it’s a bad day or a good day. The team ideally is looking for one or two parent families, who are intentional at respectful and consistent communication.

If you can see Lilly becoming a part of your family, please reach out, so together we can find her the permanency she deserves.

Could you see Lilly as part of your family?