Meet Brayden

Lots of kids love comics, but Brayden doesn’t just love them; being the creative superhero that he is, Brayden is drawing and writing comic books of his own! He recently saw Shazam! based on the DC Comics character and was very inspired. Who knows, maybe we’ll be seeing a film based on one of Brayden’s characters in the future!

Brayden is a very enthusiastic fan of flag football. He loves playing and is excited to be on a team. Being part of a team is great for Brayden, as listening and learning to work together are important aspects of building relationships, which happen to be some things he is working on improving. Soccer is another favorite sport, and an adoptive family who would be up for a friendly game of any sort would be terrific! He also enjoys riding his bike, playing video games and Legos. He loves animals, and really enjoys spending time with dogs.

Brayden has many positive attributes, and those who know him best describe him as funny, talkative and smart. He loves to be helpful! He is a self-proclaimed good listener, but admits he could do a little better listening when it is something he may not want to hear, or doesn’t like. He is actively working on this and improving all the time. He has other self-improvement goals which he is working on meeting as well. Having a supportive adoptive family would help him continue to make progress.

Currently in the 3rd grade, Brayden is doing very well in school. He has been working on making friends and is doing better with classroom interactions. Brayden’s favorite subjects are math and history, and he is scoring well on all of his tests. A family who will support and encourage him to keep making positive strides in school will be great for Brayden.

Brayden has a close bond with his biological sister. It will be essential for his adoptive family to support and encourage this bond.

Brayden really wants to be adopted and knows just what he wants in a family. He would love his adoptive family to be a young couple with a couple of kids around his age so they can all go and play together. He would be especially excited if his family enjoyed dogs too.

If you can envision this creative, active kid as a part of your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the right adoptive family.

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