Meet Sebastian and Phineas

Sebastian and Phineas are two sweet and energetic siblings with infectious smiles and enthusiastic personalities. These brothers love to be busy, active, playful, and they thrive with lots of attention! Being so close in age, Sebastian and Phineas share many common interests. Bring on the dinosaurs, any and all cars and trucks, and lots of imaginative play!

Sebastian is an active kiddo who loves being on the go and having something to do. This busy little explorer loves to run around, play outside, and climb on the play equipment at the park. Creative and imaginative, Sebastian enjoys “cooking” in toy kitchen areas or playing “post office” or bank. Some of his favorite movies are Cars, Toy Story, and Monsters Inc.

Sebastian loves songs and his current favorite is being able to act out Going on a Bear Hunt. Really though, singing any type of preschool song together will absolutely elate this young music lover. He adorably enjoys talking like a robot and likes when others do as well. Sebastian is a silly kid who loves to make others laugh and will giggle right along with them.

Phineas is a true lover of the outdoors! He would stay outside all day exploring his environment if he could. Phineas enjoys bouncing on the trampoline as well as outdoor riding/scooting toys. He is a big fan of just about any playground. He also likes “playing” basketball. Phineas enjoys giggling and being tickled. He’ll do silly things just to get others to laugh with him.

There is no understating just how much Phineas loves playing with his cars and trucks! He also loves spending time in the toy kitchen with his older brother. Phineas has particularly been enjoying singing Old McDonald these days. He has also been working on his "ABCs". When interacting with someone and Phineas is enjoying the activity, he will say “again, again!

Sebastian and Phineas attend a local preschool where they are improving in many areas! They both benefit from receiving extra supports and attention at school to make sure they remain on track. The local preschool provides both brothers with the individual attention they need, along with routine and opportunities to socialize with their peers. They both get along well with adults and are working on being able to make better friends with kids their own age.

Sebastian and Phineas need a home that is stable and structured with predictable routines, redirection, lots of supervision, and clear expectations. They have a number of relatives who hope to stay in contact with Phineas and Sebastian once they are adopted, so their adoptive family will need to be willing to support these relationships. Phineas and Sebastian will benefit from having adoptive parents who can prioritize individual time with each of them and who can stay calm, patient, and loving through it all. If you think you could be the dependable, engaging, and supportive family that these brothers are looking for, please inquire today! We’re ready to help find Phineas and Sebastian the permanent adoptive family that they deserve.

Could you see Sebastian and Phineas as part of your family?