Meet Jacob

Jacob is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles™.

Excels at: Math
Currently learning: Guitar
Loves to: Build and create things
Wants to find: A permanent home

Jacob excels at math in school. It's one of the first things he wanted to share!

Jacob's mind is always moving, and so are his hands. He is a seeker and explorer at heart—both in the outside world around him and in his journey for knowledge. Outdoor adventure has long been a draw for him. Camping, fishing, walking, short hikes—really anything at all out in nature is where he is relaxed and happy. Jacob loves animals too, of all kinds, and feels a real connection with them. When he’s not exploring, Jacob also likes some down time which can include playing Xbox games, especially Minecraft where he can build and construct worlds from his imagination.

Jacob is constantly finding knowledge, whether it be at school or in his free time. He excels in math at school. It's his favorite subject. He is a teacher's assistant in his classes, helping to grade, create answer keys, and even help instruct! At the high school level, he's looking forward to entering with extra credits that will allow him to jump up a level quickly to geometry. Chemistry class will eventually come in high school, something that stimulates his creative mind (can you say Science Fair?). Learning best by doing, Jacob does well with hands-on activities. Currently going into 9th grade this year, Jacob benefits from one-on-one instruction and structure when it comes to school and learning habits. He has a great imagination, and in the past has also enjoyed drawing. An adoptive family who will continue to encourage his strengths and help him continue to make gains in his education will be great for Jacob.

Jacob likes to stay busy with his hands and let his creative mind work.

Jacob thoughtfully engaged in the process of creating his own In-Depth Profile. He wanted it to capture his interests and give some snapshots of him doing things he loves—namely, working in the woodshop, walking around the garden he's cultivating, and highlighting his recent math accomplishments at school. Once he gets going on a topic he's passionate about, surely there is a lot he is ready to teach you! He is picking up the guitar again as a teenager, saving up his own money to buy an electric one that he can practice with at home. He's not ready to demonstrate his talents to the world just yet, but no doubt will soon!

Jacob also wants families to know that he has a close relationship with his biological sister. A future home and family who will support and encourage that bond will be essential.

Jacob has been busy planting a garden at his house. He showed us around!

Jacob is a loving kid with a big, awesome smile and an even bigger heart who really wants a family to call his own. Jacob would appreciate if his adoptive family shared his love and enthusiasm for nature and animals. He’s also mentioned that he’d be happy in a family with dogs and other kids, as well as a yard to play in! Jacob will be most comfortable with consistent structure and stability, patience and lots of encouragement. A family who loves the creative aspects of life would be such a bonus!

Jacob holding an electric guitar. He first started playing at 9 years old. He's excited to relearn how to play.

If you can envision Jacob in your family, reach out to us! We can’t wait to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Beyond the Profile: I was never the math whiz that Jacob is when I learned algebra, far from it. But that's why it's so cool to see him talking and sharing about one of his many skills, and one he takes such pride in. Formulas, equations, and answer cool that these are some of the things that he likes to wrap his brain around and figure out! In the time we collaborated together, it was so evident that Jacob is a teen who masters and succeeds at what he puts his mind too. Math, woodshop, soldering, gardening (and soon to be, guitar!), you name it. In-Depth Profiles ask teens to step into the spotlight, and it never ceases to impress me when a teen like Jacob says yes, and then brings his own cadence, rhythm, and personality to it. I just know there are families out there who connect with parts of Jacob and the profile he wanted to create. I'm excited to help share it widely for him so we can find him a great family to land with as he steps into high school and beyond.

-Nick Baumgartner, NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist