Meet Mercedez

Get ready to LOL! Mercedez’s impeccable sense of humor is unmatched. Her quick wit, and perfect timing keeps everyone in stiches and she loves making people laugh. A truly kind, caring kid, Mercedez is always happy to lend a hand and share a smile. Be it in the kitchen helping with dinner, working together in the yard, or chipping in with the house cleaning, Mercedez just loves being with the people she cares about and doing things together.

Often found working on an art project, Mercedez is super creative and loves to paint, draw and build things from her imagination. She can spend hours perfecting the details on her works of art, and loves listening to music while she’s at it – it helps inspire her! What type of music you ask? Why, Justin Bieber of course. Mercedez loves pop music and singing along with her favorite bands. Movies are another favorite, and she’s always ready for a trip to the theater to see the newest superhero movie, or whatever else looks good, and if popcorn is involved, all the better!

Currently in the 6th grade, Mercedez does really well in school and is adored by her teachers and classmates. Her foster parents are quick to point out how great Mercedez is with the younger children in their home, and what an all-around good kid she is. The guidance and support of a dedicated permanent family will bolster Mercedez’s continued success as she transitions into high school and becoming a teenager.

Mercedez has expressed her desire to be adopted, and says she would love a home with pets of any kind. Siblings would be great too. Mercedez also has a close relationship with her biological brother, so a family who will continue to support that relationship is essential. Mercedez will benefit from a family of any configuration who will give her quality time and attention. Her worker especially wants to hear from local families from right here in Washington, in part, because of the close connection with her brother.

If you can see Mercedez in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she wants and deserves.