Meet Matthew and Alexis

Friendly, caring, kind. These are just a few words that come to mind when talking with Alexis and Matthew, two siblings who are ready to find a future family together.

Alexis is already invested in sports, particularly basketball, at a young age. Shooting hoops and dribbling are great ways to spend time outside or in the gym. She loves spending time drawing and working on various art projects. She has a real eye and talent for artistry! Dogs are her favorite animals and, believe it or not, she usually has a clean and organized room! It’s something she takes pride in tending to.

Matthew also likes to be active through sports, like football, swimming, or biking. Getting to move and play outside is a total blast. His go-to activity though? Legos. He loves to build and assemble from his imagination and turn a pile of blocks into a masterful creation!

Alexis is in fourth grade and continually progressing in school. Matthew is in seventh grade applying himself to that middle school workload. Both of them will fit well in a home that can support them academically and help keep them on track as learners.

Together with their caseworker, Alexis and Matthew are looking for a two-parent home who can commit to these great kids and allow them to continue growing up together. We know it’s what they deserve, so if you think you could be a great fit for this sibling duo, we want to hear from you! Families right here in Washington are especially encouraged to reach out.