Meet Paul

Ready to show off your best dance moves? Paul is, and he hopes that you are too! Paul is a sweet, friendly, and kind kid. He enjoys meeting new people and playing with other kids, especially in situations where he can be a role model for his younger peers. Paul thrives on being active and likes to spend his playtime running, jumping, and using his imagination. Paul is known to bust out some creative dance moves and loves to jam out to his favorite music! He also enjoys sensory play, and especially loves to dig around in the sandbox.

When spending time inside, Paul likes playing with his dinosaur toys, actions figures, watching animated movies, and playing video games. He has a lot of opinions around food, and knows what he likes! His favorites are pizza, PB&J uncrustables, McDonalds, and pop tarts.

Currently in the 3rd grade, Paul is in a well-supported academic environment where he gets plenty of individualized attention. This learning style has worked very well for Paul and he's made huge strides in his education over the last couple of years!

Paul's team is eager to hear from families that are patient, understanding, and flexible. Paul does well with structure, routine, and knowing what's coming up next, so a family who can help provide this for him is essential. Paul thrives with consistency to help make sure he's successful in his day-to-day activities. If you're ready for non-stop dance parties and sandcastles galore with Paul, we can't wait to hear from you! We're excited to find Paul the committed and loving adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Paul as part of your family?