Meet Ja'Niah

Spend any amount of time with Ja’Niah and you’ll quickly realize how deeply caring, genuine, and engaging she is. A social kid who loves to get out and about with her friends, trips to the park or the mall are a frequent part of Ja’Niah’s life. She has a big heart and truly values her relationships with her siblings. Into makeup, painting her nails, fashion, music, and art, Ja’Niah is a well-rounded teen with a multitude of interests.

A strong writer, Ja’Niah often uses this as a form of communication. From writing letters to her favorite artists, to a recent example of sharing an honest and forthright letter with her team, Ja’Niah is deeply introspective and appreciates writing as a medium to get her feelings across. She’s a great self-advocate, and writing is just one of the ways she accomplishes that. Described by her caseworker as honest, charismatic, smart, and outspoken, Ja’Niah also has a great sense of humor and is known for making everyone around her laugh.

Currently in her sophomore year of high school, Ja’Niah loves getting the chance to write and work on her art the most. Gym class though? She could take it or leave it. Consistency is key for Ja’Niah, so she’s looking forward to being able to settle down and finish out her high school years in one place.

Ja’Niah’s looking for a permanent home where she can just be herself. She’s open in terms of location, and is willing to move out of Washington for the right family. She’s mentioned that she’d be open to having a single mom, or being in a two-parent home. She’s used to having her siblings around, so Ja’Niah feels open to having other kids in the home as long as she’s able to have her own room. One of the scariest things for Ja’Niah when it comes to adoption is the thought of not being able to see her siblings or other members of her biological family again, so it’s important for her to find an adoptive family that will help support and nurture these important connections.

Ja’Niah’s looking for a family who will have her back and be there for her, no matter what. Although there’s no lack of adults in her life willing to step up to sing her praises, Ja’Niah is ready for the support and consistency that she hopes being adopted will bring. We’re as ready as Ja’Niah is to help find her permanent home, so if you think it might be you, please reach out and let us know!