Meet Arturo

A creative builder, Arturo is very good with his hands and can easily build or take apart complex structures. Not surprisingly he is a LEGO fan! His caseworker describes him as being intelligent, gifted in mathematics, and a clever problem-solver.

Energetic and outdoorsy, Arturo loves running around outside, riding his bike or scooter, skateboarding, and going to parks. He has recently started a program working with horses, and has enjoyed it! He likes going on long walks, hikes, and playing in the water.

When it’s time for some down-time, Arturo loves reading (especially graphic novels), drawing, and journaling. He’s a big fan of listening to and playing music as well. Lately, he’s been learning how to play guitar!

There are a few other things that rule Arturo’s world right now, like Pokémon, Minecraft, and anime! He’s also been adding some adorable stuffed animals (Squishmallows) to his growing collection!

Arturo’s team is excited to hear from all sorts of family configurations. A family willing to dedicate the time and attention that Arturo deserves will be in his best interest. Arturo has expressed interest in having his own bedroom, with lots of room to play.

Arturo has important biological connections that he wants to remain connected with. A family who will help Arturo maintain these connections will be vital. Families who can provide consistent, predictable environments will be best for Arturo.

Can you see this awesome youth in your home? Reach out to us! We’re excited to find Arturo the permanent home and support that he deserves.

Could you see Arturo as part of your family?