Meet Destiny and Nathan

Ready to have a ball with Destiny and Nathan? This sweet and playful sibling duo love to have fun with their favorite toys! Whether flying their small remote-control drones around the neighborhood, or coming up with elaborate scenarios with their Barbies, Destiny and Nathan look forward to finding an adoptive family who will join alongside them in their playtime. This becomes especially evident when it comes to Pokémon cards, since Destiny and Nathan both enjoy the hilarity of trying to teach the adults in their lives how to play. They also enjoy family movies nights with silly movies, like the most recently watched The Tooth Fairy, starring Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. And if you’re up for taking them out to sushi? Even better, as this is one of their favorite shared foods!

Destiny is known as a sweet and quiet kid. Destiny is getting better at expressing how she feels, and has been growing as a strong self-advocate. Once she’s comfortable, she has no problem showing off her silly and playful side. Destiny LOVES frogs. Bring on the amphibians! She has many frog-related items. She also likes Legos, coloring, and bright colors, especially green and pink.

In the 4th grade, Destiny has made especially impressive progress with her speech and communication goals! She is working hard on improving her writing in particular. Destiny will benefit from adoptive parents who can assist her with her schoolwork and be strong educational advocates on her behalf.

Nathan can also be shy at first, but after a bit of time, his beaming smile emerges and his silly and playful nature becomes clear! In the 2nd grade, he’s a talkative kid who loves sharing his observations about the world around him. Nathan plays hard, likes to run around, and wants to be involved in what’s happening around him. He really enjoys playing games and watching TV.

Destiny and Nathan have other siblings who they need to maintain strong connections and contact with. An adoptive family who will help nurture these sibling relationships, along with other biological family connections that Destiny and Nathan want to maintain, is imperative.

Together, these siblings have so much to discover and grow in with their adoptive family! If you think you could be the attentive and loving adoptive family that Destiny and Nathan have been waiting for, please let us know. We're excited to find them the permanent home and family that they deserve!

Could you see Destiny and Nathan as part of your family?