Meet Quinten

Before anything else, Quinten would have you know that he’s kind. Being kind is his favorite trait, he says! Everyone who knows him agrees. He is always thinking about others, and is incredibly thoughtful to those around him as a basic reflex.

As a 5th grader right now, he’s loving the library as much as the gymnasium. His favorite subject is reading, and he’s always up for a new book. He’s generally engaged in a lot of activities, both in school and outside of it. Boys & Girls club, for example! Quinten is incredibly active, too. He is involved in many sports and activities like gymnastics, swimming, basketball and he has even been on several baseball teams! He simply loves sports – both the activeness and the social aspect.

With a smile that both lights up a room and draws people in, Quinten has no trouble making friends. Whether at school with peers, or in the community with adults, Quinten loves connecting with people and does so with ease.

His current caregivers have said that he’s a “true joy” to have in their home – the ultimate compliment.

He certainly has a silly side, too. When he and his caseworker worked together to take some great pictures, he insisted on some goofy shots. He was delighted to find out that one of his silly scenes on the floor actually got snapped as a photo!

When he and his caseworker talk about the future, Quinten shares that he’d want potential adoptive families to know that he is kind (trait #1!), and that he really likes to be active.

Quinten has also shared that he’s ideally looking for the support of a Black family. He wants his family to look like him and be well equipped to support his culture. He also wants to be adopted by a family that will help him maintain relationships with his siblings. His team thinks he’ll do best with a two-parent family, though all families are encouraged to reach out if they think they’re a good fit.

Quinten’s caseworker is excited to hear from families who feel like they could provide Quinten with the home and adoptive family he deserves. If you can see Quinten in your family, please reach out!