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Millie is excited to share some of her story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers teens to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Future goal: Going to college
Secret talent: Martial arts
Always up for: The next activity
Ready for: A family who loves teens

The best way to get to know Millie (short for Milina) is to let her speak for herself. There are a few key things she’d love for potential adoptive families to know:

“I like reading, walking dogs, doing fun things like [going to] the science fair, the zoo, etc.”Millie continues on, describing what is important to her, both now and in the future. She wants families to know that she works really hard in school and really wants to attend college. Her current goal is to become an anesthesiologist! Millie is currently a sophomore in high school who works diligently and devotedly to keep her grades up. She currently plays volleyball in school and is very interested in adding another sport to her roster – Martial Arts classes are of particular interest these days (she's got some serious reach on her high kick!). She is a teenager who enjoys being as involved as possible in school and with her extracurriculars.

Millie loves music. So she wanted to share her own playlist, titled "Empowering Women," so families could share in some of her selections from strong female singers.

Millie's own ideas and input can be seen everywhere here on her In-Depth Profile. She took her own pictures, curated and included her own music choices, and shared her loooooong list of interests and hobbies in a social media-style layout. Millie wanted to be sure she could introduce herself to potential adoptive families.

Outgoing and joyful, Millie is very future-focused and motivated. Described by those who know her as the “bright light in the room,” Millie is a respectful teenager who is funny, smart, kind, and a very hard-worker. As aforementioned, school is important to Millie and she would really like to be a part of a family who is excited to support her educational goals.

Millie had her own photos to include, so she picked several recent favorites she wanted to feature.

Millie likes to live an active and healthy lifestyle. While she would love for her adoptive family to share her enthusiasm for the active way of life, just being supportive of her beliefs and choices would be just fine with her. She has recently become fascinated with cooking and has been having a blast honing in on her culinary skills. An adoptive family who enjoys cooking, especially together, would be a great fit for Millie.

Pics, pics, and more pics. Millie had a lot to share and edited her own profile content and layout.

Millie loves bunnies, and insisted that this picture make it in. Because who doesn't love bunnies?!

Millie is described as a “delightful and engaging girl” who is really ready to meet her adoptive family. Millie is not shy about what she’s looking for, either. She has stated that she would love to have a single-parent family or two parents, and that a same-sex couple would be “awesome.” An active family is important to Millie since she is such a superstar athlete. A nurturing and supportive home environment where Millie can continue to learn and grow into a patient and understanding person would be ideal. Structure, routine, guidance, and love are a few of the qualities that would have a positive influence on her. Millie is open to attending church and having siblings. Most importantly, a family who can communicate effectively while talking through issues and misunderstandings in a respectful and kind way is very important to this thoughtful teen.

Millie wanted to show off her excellent gymnastic and yoga skills.

If you are interested in learning more about Millie, please let us know! We are eager to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

Beyond the Profile: What I love about Millie’s In-Depth Profile is that you can see her fingerprints all over it. It was inspiring to work with her. She’s a teenager who wants to share her own story, and wants it to best capture who she is. She loves to take photos…so she had dozens of favorites to contribute. She loves music…so she shared a favorite playlist. He loves venturing out on activities… so she found pictures from farms, museums, and parks. She’s looking for a permanent family…so she combed through every word and detail of her profile to ensure it best reflected who she is. Her influence and direction led the way from our first conversation to our final review before publishing. It was too much fun to help her vision come to life. I hope you’ll reach out if you connect with any part of her story and personality!

-NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist, Nick Baumgartner

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