Meet Keymhara

Keymhara's profile features insight from her CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) who adores her and is a champion for her permanency. She wants Keymhara to find a family that will be there for her "no matter what."

Favorite subject: Math
Favorite hobby: Dancing
Future career: Teacher
Looking for: A permanent family

What’s more fun than dancing? Maybe nothing according to Keymhara! A true dancing queen, Keymhara loves to groove to her favorite songs, and she’s always excited when it’s time for her dance classes. Really Keymhara just likes being active and has had a lot of fun trying out boxing, participating in cross country and learning gymnastics. Keymhara also loves singing, swimming and just playing outside. All of that positive energy shines through in her personality too, with her giant smile and bubbly disposition, Keymhara makes friends wherever she goes.

Described by the people who know her best as a social butterfly, Keymhara loves to connect with people and values her friendships with her peers and relationships with the adults in her life. Kind, caring and compassionate, Keymhara makes everyone around her feel seen and appreciated. Younger children seem to be drawn to her and she happily engages them in play and treats them as equals, while adults appreciate Keymhara’s politeness, attentiveness and her great sense of humor. Keymhara is a people person through and through!

Currently in the 8th grade, Keymhara loves school. The hard work she’s put into her studies the past few years has really paid off and she’s doing well in all subjects, she especially loves math. A family who will continue to support her academic progress and advocate for her at school will ensure she continues to thrive and progress.

has expressed that she wants to be adopted, and would do well in any family configuration, as long as they can offer her unconditional love, support and lots of quality time together. A family who is willing to take the time to build trust and work with Keymhara and her team on a slow transition will be best for her as Keymhara has some trepidation about the process. Keymhara would also like to stay in contact with her biological mother and a few other family members, so an adoptive family who is willing and able to support those relationships is important too.

If you want to learn more about this great kid, please reach out. We're excited to find her the permanent home she deserves. 

Could you see Keymhara as part of your family?