Meet JJ

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If you ask JJ what he likes to do, he’ll quickly tell you he likes to “build stuff.” And he really does! After spending some time with JJ at Tinktertopia, a very cool art space, it quickly became clear that he’s got a knack for building. He crafted a very cool walkie talkie in no time at all – a very impressive feat.

JJ likes lots of other things as well. He’s into office supplies like pens and post-it notes and he loves picture day at school. He likes to ride bikes, he likes to eat chips, and he’s a big fan of basically any dessert. (He doesn’t like cheese, though.) JJ is active, as well. He loves to play basketball with other kids in his community and he goes on a lot of walks and likes to track his steps through his FitBit. When he isn’t exploring the outside world, you will likely find JJ singing, watching movies, building with Legos, coloring, or building something, of course.

Another interest of JJ’s is his hair! He loves to try out different hairstyles. He’s rocking a new fresh hair cut that he is quite proud of – check out his pictures to see! JJ is pretty into fashion in general and has great taste in clothes.

Everyone that knows JJ raves about him. He’s observant, insightful, charismatic, and lovable. He has a great sense of humor and his charm pairs well with his big imagination and warm smile.

Currently in the 6th grade, JJ likes school and does well in it. He tends to do best in a one-on-one environment and loves the extra attention from teachers and mentors. In fact, he really appreciates teachers in general because they are always there to help you out. JJ especially enjoys math and reading, which he notes that he is getting much better at as of late.

JJ would really like to be adopted. He is eager to meet the family that will be the right fit for him. When asked, JJ indicates that families are really fun and they are always there to help you out. He would like a family that is nice and calm and “not too rowdy,” and also adds that he would really like a cat. JJ thinks he’ll make a great big brother and is very kind to younger siblings. An adoptive family with equal levels of patience and energy would be a great fit for JJ. A family who can provide consistency and stability while exploring the areas that JJ is interested in would be really beneficial for him.

If you can see JJ in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

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