Meet Rusty

Rusty knows how to have a great time. A few of her favorite pastimes include adventures like scavenger hunts, playing dress up, and horseback riding, which she’ll do anywhere, anytime because it’s fun, especially with someone she enjoys hanging out with. She’s a super active and take-charge kid but that doesn’t mean Rusty doesn’t like to chill out. She enjoys cuddling, watching movies, and eating out at Olive Garden quite a bit.

A great communicator and advocate, Rusty is great at reaching out and advocating for herself. She’s an amazing kid who is helpful, caring, and super social.

Currently in the 9th grade, Rusty’s favorite subject is biology, and though she doesn’t know exactly what she wants to do when she “grows up,” she knows she wants to go to college and get a good job.

Her current caregivers really appreciate Rusty’s ability to balance her independence with knowing when it might be more helpful to lean on someone. They love how helpful, healthy, and engaging she is. Always enthusiastic, a recent story about Rusty’s thrill over being taken to the trampoline park proves it. She was so excited she was jumping around, yelling in excitement. On the way to the trampolines, Rusty shared her past trampoline experiences, laughing and making everyone else laugh too.

When Rusty describes her idea of a future adoptive family, she says she’s looking for an “open-minded family with two dads.” While her team would love to hear from families that fit that description, they’re open to hearing from families of all configurations, especially smaller families with no other kids.