Meet Jackson and Hunter

Do you have oh-so-much time and energy to devote to and spend with a fun brotherly duo who need all you have to give?

Jackson is a very happy and loving little boy who loves to be close to his loved ones, even if he appreciates some alone time every once in awhile. Jackson enjoys swimming, being outside, playing on trampolines, and being active in his own way. He loves to bounce so much that even a couch cushion will do in a pinch. Jackson is resourceful and able to get his needs met by using nonverbal cues like bringing a cup to you when he wants more water or juice. Jackson's team is eager to hear from adoptive parents who are creative, adaptive, and who can support Jackson in continuing to learn lots of ways to communicate.

Hunter truly enjoys being close to people that he cares about. He loves to be around people and in the thick of the action. Hunter, too, is growing his vocabulary but is also able to communicate his needs non-verbally. For example, he will bring his cup to you when he wants it filled, or he will grab your face in his hands when he is feeling especially affectionate.

For fun, Jackson loves his toys. He loves to use chewies and long rubber snake ropes that he can stretch and chew on. He also has a blast climbing on play structures and swinging on swings. Happy little Hunter is often smiling his big, bright smile. Hunter is active and loves to be outside, especially at the beach. Hunter has an affinity for water and using a water table is a favorite activity. Hunter will climb trees and run around in the grass whenever given the chance. He's curious about animals and will babble at chickens and other cute creatures. Hunter loves to listen to music and sing along to Disney movie theme songs, Spongebob and Bluey’s intro song.

Currently, Jackson is in second grade. He has supports at school that meet his educational needs and will need continued support through these services. Hunter attends Head Start which supports his educational development. He's already growing his vocabulary and is learning to communicate his needs through nonverbal cues and short spoken phrases.

Jackson and Hunter have a sweet, close relationship. Hunter easily shares toys or provides his brother with plush stuffed animals to play with. They're a delightful pair who are fun to be around, especially when their caregivers have oodles of patience, time, and structure.

Jackson and Hunter need a family who will help them stay in close contact with their beloved family members, including visits with their little sister. This is a significant, lifelong relationship that potential adoptive families should be prepared to support and navigate.

Jackson and Hunter are a loving pair that would benefit from a family who can support each of their unique needs. Creating a safe and stable home environment will support their development and help them continue to thrive and reach new potential. Each day they gain and learn new skills. Continuance with their current supports is essential to enhance their development. They also need a nurturing, ready-to-grow family who is ready to dive on in!

Could you see Jackson and Hunter as part of your family?