Meet James

Bright and energetic, James is a really awesome kid who deserves the right adoptive family to come forward. James is smart, active, and really social – he loves to make new friends! He’s an adaptable kid who appreciates new environments and connections. Though he has many interests, James really likes video games, Legos, cars, and playing soccer or basketball.

Currently in the 7th grade, James really likes school. James is great at participating in class and bonds particularly well with his teachers and peers. Extra support and encouragement really helps ensure James’s success in school. An adoptive family who will encourage and guide his education will be especially helpful for James’s future.

James has a close relationship with his biological sister. An adoptive family who will support and encourage that bond will be essential.

James does best with consistent structure. An adoptive family who will provide James with lots of love, care, and patience will be great for him. James has a lot of positive energy and will bring that to his new adoptive family.

James would like to be adopted and he knows what he wants in a family. He has stated that he would love a two parent family and is open to siblings, of any age. James is really social and friendly, but would also love his own room to enjoy the space. Being together matters a lot to James, so he’d like a family who likes to play outside together, eat dinner together, and play sports together. It’s important to James that his adoptive family knows that he is biracial, which is a big part of his identity. Lastly, James would like potential adoptive families to know he is open to a family that has a turtle, a dog, or a hedgehog. (Or all three?)

If you can envision James in your family, reach out to us! We can’t wait to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see James as part of your family?

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