Meet Alison

Do you know that the word “Zettai” means “absolutely”? And in Anime, Zettai is a common term you might hear when someone is determined to stand strong, such as “Zettai Akiramenail” or “I absolutely won’t give up.” Not only will Alison be able to tell you a lot more about Zettai and Anime, she is also a stellar example of not giving up and standing strong.

As is probably apparent, Alison likes any and everything Anime. She’s also a big fan and expert when it comes to video games. Alison is a researcher and when she enjoys something, she’ll deep dive and learn all about it. With video games, she doesn’t simply play; she tries to understand the game and its characters to the fullest extent of her ability.

Naturally, Alison has plenty of other interests including arts and crafts, reading, and archery, which she recently learned after attending summer camp. Alison would love to join a 4-H club to perfect her archery skills.

Alison identifies as a Wiccan and has developed and walked her own spiritual paths by adopting the beliefs and rituals of a variety of religious traditions. She currently attends and participates in a non-pagan youth group and church, and she is saving up to participate on a mission.

As she is about to end 8th grade, Alison continues to do well in school and with the encouragement of her teachers and advisor, Alison stays motivated and is continually making progress.

Alison has a close relationship with her biological grandmother and would appreciate an adoptive family who will encourage that bond throughout her life.

Alison is a great conversationalist who can chat with just about anyone. She is kind, tolerant, and an open-minded young person who is open to beliefs that are different from her own. She would do well with a family that will show her the same patience that she shows others. She will do well as the only child or as the youngest of older siblings. Alison is looking for a family that will support her, never give up on her, and who will walk by her side has she steps into becoming a young person.

If you can envision Alison in your family, reach out to us! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she deserves.

Portraits by Patrick Bennett, in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

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