Meet Kailee

A ton of interests and a load of talent, Kailee loves to stay busy—and she sure is busy. A super active kid, Kailee’s athleticism is a big focus in her life. She’s especially great at track and has recently started gymnastics and has already made notable progress. Even during her leisure time, Kailee prefers staying active by going on a long walk or riding her bike.

Kailee has a creative streak too and expresses it best through artistic activities like craft projects and coloring. She’s definitely a social kid and loves curating specific playlists for dance parties. She cares that people have fun and more broadly, she just cares. From the smallest insect to the beloved people around her.

In school, Kailee does really well when she has one-on-one support and motivation, which she currently receives. She loves participating in schoolwork and having her own specific tasks to complete, which her team is happy to support with.

When asked what they appreciate about her, Kailee’s foster parent expresses their admiration for her positive outlook, despite having not been dealt an easy hand. They also feel certain about her future career, noting “her passion for animals make me have no doubt that there will be animals in her adult career.

The more pets the better is Kailee’s motto for her future home. She’s excited at the thought of an adoptive family and would be really happy to have two parents and some siblings. And, of course, pets. Her team is eager to hear from families who prioritize structure and routine and are excited to welcome Kailee into their home.

If you can see Kailee in your family, please reach out! We’re excited to find her the adoptive family she’s so excited about.