Meet Duke

Described as “an observer,” Duke is a very intelligent, articulate, and communicative person. When he really likes something, Duke is clearly passionate about it and loves to engage people in discussions about what he (and they) are interested in.

And what is he interested in? Just about everything. Duke likes sports, especially football, baseball, and basketball. He was really excited at the chance to spend some time in Seattle watching a Seahawks game last season. Sports aren’t his only form of entertainment, either. Duke also really loves all things superhero related – both Marvel and DC – as well as music, video games (especially Star Wars on the PlayStation 3), and movies.

Duke is also fascinated with history and science, and loves to read and write. A sophomore in high school, Duke has done a great job motivating himself to learn. He’s made awesome progress that will certainly help him continue to learn even more in the future.

A balance of social and introverted, Duke is both an engaging and personable kid as well as someone who values his alone time. He loves indoor and outdoor activities, especially as a way to relax and decompress.

Duke is really hopeful about finding a family that can give him a solid sense of belonging. He would do well with a single mother or father or a two-parent family where he could be the only child or the youngest of much older siblings. Duke is a caring kid who is eager to find the right adoptive family. He deserves it.

If you can envision Duke in your family, reach out to us!

Portraits by Tom Wolken, in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

Could you see Duke as part of your family?