Meet Mariah

Bright and outgoing, Mariah is an energetic kid with a great sense of humor. Mariah loves any opportunity to run around and be active with her friends, both human and non-human alike. With a soft spot for furry companions, Mariah is described as having a tender heart and prides herself in taking good care of her animal friends. Mariah says that “music makes me feel better,” and really loves singing along to all of her favorite jams. With Mariah acting as DJ, you’ll find yourself listening to a lot of pop music with strong female vocalists!

Mariah's love for pop music is clear in her rendition of "The Climb"!

Mariah loves food, and is very open to trying new things. Most of all, Mariah enjoys the social aspect of going out to eat and being able to connect while sharing a meal together. Mariah started fifth grade this school year. She is doing well in school, and loves to get creative and make art. Any part of school where she can be active and run around with her peers makes for a great day in Mariah’s book.

Mariah has grown so much over the last year and is really starting to come into her own. She’s excited to find a loving home and family that is committed to supporting her as she continues to grow and develop into young adulthood. With the right supports in place, Mariah has been thriving. Clearly defined boundaries and expectations have proven to be essential for her growth.

Mariah’s team believes that she will do best in a home with a strong maternal presence. Additionally, Mariah has said that she would love to have a sibling. Her team believes she would do well with an older sister who can act as a positive role model and support for Mariah. Mariah also looks forward to joining a home with animals or one that is open to getting a pet in the future - caring for another living creature is truly rewarding and beneficial for her.

Mariah is an exceptional kid that deserves a loving and committed family to meet her where she’s at. She is truly one of a kind and will bring so much value, character, love, and laughter to any family. Please inquire about Mariah today if you think that it could be yours!

Could you see Mariah as part of your family?