Meet Alexi "Karely", Antonio, Alicia, Pedro, and Sebastian

Karely, Alicia, Pedro, Antonio and Sebastian are five young siblings looking for a fantastic family and home where they can reunite and grow up together.

Karely is described as outgoing, quirky, outspoken, and friendly. She loves to stay active and keep up with the latest trends. Karely enjoys being outside and any outdoor activity so of course her favorite season is summer! She loves to swim and spend time out on the water. Karely is a big K-Pop fan and hopes to one day become part of a K-Pop band. If that doesn’t work out, she would like to go to college. She does well in school with extra encouragement and room to be creative to get more excited and invested in academics. Karely's first language is Spanish and she reads and writes fluently in both English and Spanish.

With his own contagious laugh, goofy Antonio loves making others laugh. Antonio is quite affectionate with people he cares about. He's energetic and athletic and loves to participate in any sport, though his absolute passion is soccer. He loves to play and wants to be part of a soccer team – Portland Timbers watch out! Antonio also adores being outdoors and loves animals. His favorite are dogs and he does well around them. He enjoys being at school, especially with good academic support. He prefers to speak Spanish, his first language, though Antonio can understand English as well.

Alicia is a very sweet, good sister. She loves to show others affection and is very verbal with her emotions. Like her sibs, Alicia enjoys being outdoors and appreciates big outdoor areas that give her enough space to run around in. Summer is also her favorite as she loves to go swimming and being in the water. This silly girl also loves to make others laugh. She’s a goof too. Currently in the first grade, Alicia is doing well in school. Alicia's first language is Spanish and she does really well speaking and learning to read English as well.

Pedro is a little shy when it comes to meeting new people but easily transforms into his loving and caring self after a bit. Pedro loves being outdoors and having various activities to do, like running around and having outdoor toys to frolic with. Pedro is currently attending preschool and really enjoys it. He is making friends and happy to attend.

Almost one-year-old Sebastian is a very happy baby who is meeting all of his exciting milestones. While still waking up at night, Sebastian will immediately go back to sleep after being soothed. He's recently been enjoying squash and sweet potatoes.

The four oldest siblings have been placed together for most of their time in care. Although, there have been some times where they were separated, the children are very bonded with each other and their aunt who they’d love to remain in contact with. To best support these kids and their relationships with each other, their team is eager to hear from families that are organized with structure and routine. They’re eager to hear from families who can catch up and ensure the kids keep up with the appropriate supports that help the kids be happy and successful. The team is also eager to hear from families that will prioritize and understand that these kids deserve to stay deeply connected to their Latinx culture and the Spanish language.

If you can see these amazing kids in your home, please reach out! We’re excited to help them find the permanent home they deserve.

Could you see Alexi "Karely", Antonio, Alicia, Pedro, and Sebastian as part of your family?