Meet Phoenix

Phoenix, or “Fi” as he is affectionately nicknamed, is a delightfully sweet and quirky kid. Phoenix is happy, easygoing, and loves to play outside. An animal lover, he does really well interacting with pets and animals of all kinds. He’s a very caring and loving kid with a huge heart. He really wants to please adults and loves to help with whatever is going on around the house. While Phoenix can be shy when he first meets new people, he relishes in frequent hugs and a good snuggle session once he’s had a chance to build a strong connection. Being physically close to the important people in his life is something Phoenix really values.

Phoenix started kindergarten for the 2022-2023 academic year and is very excited about going to school! He does well in his classroom setting with the help of a few extra supports that his school is flexible about modifying to best accommodate his needs. Caregivers who can be strong advocates for him in his school and community settings will suit Phoenix well.

Phoenix has made great strides in expanding his ability to follow directions and complete his daily routines, and still benefits from having a supportive adult to guide him through these tasks. It’s really helpful for him to have adults who reach out and make efforts to connect with him, build a relationship, and increase their level of familiarity. The more familiar Phoenix is with the routine and what is expected, the better he does at retaining information and completing tasks with more independence.

Phoenix’s current caregiver has been in his life for a little over two years and cares about him very much. They would like to continue this connection in whatever way benefits Phoenix once he is placed with his adoptive family. Phoenix also has a number of biological relatives that he is not currently in contact with, but the right adoptive family will be willing to help Phoenix keep these channels of communication open.

Phoenix is involved in several community supports and services, and will need to stay connected to these for the foreseeable future. The right caregivers for Phoenix will be able to actively participate in these services, at-home activities, and work collaboratively with his supports, adapting their parenting style to meet Phoenix’s needs.

A family that is patient and flexible is a must for Phoenix. The right family also needs to be willing to put in the time and effort to provide Phoenix with as much repetition and support as he needs. Phoenix’s team thinks that he’ll do best in a home that has a few older children, and one or two parents who have ample time to devote to interacting with their kids. Phoenix would likely benefit from a caregiver who is able to be a full-time stay-at-home parent. Someone who is creative, loving, and willing to try new things will help Phoenix continue to strive towards his full potential.

Phoenix’s team knows that he’ll be able thrive in many settings. What is most important for Phoenix is that his adoptive parents are able to freely express love and affection and be available to spend a lot of time with him. He has a lot of love to give and will absolutely light up his adoptive family’s life. We can’t wait to help find Phoenix the supportive adoptive family that he deserves. Please let us know if you think it could be yours!

Could you see Phoenix as part of your family?