Meet Kaylie

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Kaylie's warm disposition and exuberance for life is sure to catch your eye and capture your heart. She has a gentle soul and expressive nature and is described by her community as helpful, kind-hearted, and loving. Kaylie is an amicable young woman with a huge smile and engages easily with those around her. She is considerate of others and enjoys being active in her community with her peers.

Kaylie's attention is captivated by being physically active, such as scootering, biking, playing soccer, dancing to music, and drawing. Kaylie is highly inquisitive and observant and has a great memory for details. She loves to choreograph and perform and would be a natural on the stage.

Currently going into seventh grade, Kaylie benefits from a school setting that offers the building blocks to help her continue to achieve. Kaylie is also very adept at using technology. She needs adoptive parents who are tech savvy and who can partner with her to access its strengths in smart and helpful ways.

Kaylie does best in an environment where there is consistency in approaches and follow through from school to home to other activities and back again. Kaylie recently earned getting her ears pierced for positive behavior at home and at school. Kaylie is also learning the value in making informed decision making. She likes to do research and learn, acquiring knowledge.

Kaylie comes from a close-knit background with important pre-existing relationships. She has a number of close family connections that she will need to continue or explore in healthy and beneficial ways with the full support of her adoptive family. Kaylie will also need ample time to build those strong healing bonds with her new family. Positive reinforcement goes a long way in helping to boost her growing self-confidence.

Kaylie has expressed that she wants a mother and a father and to be a part of a family that accepts her and makes her feel safe and valued. She wants a family that is active, taking her swimming, bike riding and to local community events. She values the concept of family, and loves to take vacations, participate in all holidays and experience joy in all settings. Kaylie is in a stage where she is actively determining her identity, and values. A family that can help her succeed in gaining independence, in whatever format that looks like for her, is important. She truly desires a permanent family that will provide her with opportunities to discover and be her best self. She is ready to bloom with the right family!

Could you see Kaylie as part of your family?

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