Meet Reilyn

An avid reader who loves to explore outside, Reilyn is the kind of kid who really gets a kick out of the little things in life. When it comes to books, her favorite thing to pick up is a graphic novel. She finds a lot of joy in the genre, which combines prose and comics to tell a riveting story. Reilyn also enjoys playing games on her iPad, building with LEGOs, and playing with her L.O.L. dolls and dollhouses.

Her adventurous side shows when she’s outside. At her current place, Reilyn gets to play on a great big trampoline that she loves to do tricks on. Physical activity is great for Reilyn, who is really eager to join a soccer team sometime soon!

In school, Reilyn does best with structure to enhance her learning style. She’s a very clever, intelligent, and active kid who is able to thrive with the right support. Reading is her favorite subject. Not only does she excel when it comes to reading, but the act of sitting down and immersing herself in a good book is also very calming.

There’s so much more about Reilyn! She loves to tell jokes and likes to draw in her free time. When asked what he appreciates about Reilyn, her caseworker mentions that she “can hold a wonderful conversation about topics that she enjoys.” Those topics, as we’ve mentioned, often include what books she’s reading including details about characters and her latest drawings. Her caseworker adds that he appreciates how “Reilyn is able to identify what she is feeling and verbalize it.” Reilyn’s current foster family appreciate that she is “very bright and very smart.” They also say she really loves to keep busy.

A social kid, Reilyn enjoys playing with other kids, especially her foster siblings. She also has a close relationship with her biological sister and grandmother; relationships that will be essential to maintain throughout her life. When asked about the kind of adoptive family she hopes to have, Reilyn has noted she wouldn’t mind being the only child but is open to new siblings, too.

If you can see Reilyn in your family, please reach out to us! We’re excited to find this vibrant, loving kid the permanent home she deserves.