Meet Aleena

Aleena is an extraordinary teenager who loves animals and cooking. She's excited and anxious to meet her permanent family so she can focus on being a “normal teen.”

“I love shopping!" Aleena likes to wear makeup and loves shopping for clothes. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with friends while listening to music or watching funny videos. She's developing a growing appreciation for outdoor activities and likes to go camping. Lately, she's been enjoying rock hunting with her caregivers. Despite her love of the outdoors, no creepy crawlies please—Aleena "absolutely hate spiders!” She's also a softball fan and would love to play on a team.

Aleena adores animals. She’s looking forward to having a family support her in pet ownership and care. Specifically, she wants to be able to select and adopt her own. Aleena says that, "at some point, I hope to be able to adopt a dog of my choice.” Aleena also enjoys meal planning and cooking and gets to practice a lot in the kitchen at her current placement. The best way to try a new food is being involved in the preparation!

Aleena has proven herself to be a hard worker when she has the right supports in place. She likes having clear goals and achievements to strive for. Regular, constructive reminders about these goals work super well for Aleena. Having an adoptive family who can help her appreciate the value of education will continue to be helpful as she gets older.

Aleena is someone who thrives on hearing positive feedback. In her current placement, Aleena is working on establishing her own unique identity and interests. She would benefit from having the support of a family who will encourage her to speak her mind. She is a good friend and will check in with others when she sees that they are struggling.

Her team is eager to help find a family who will commit to Aleena and be able to accept her unconditionally. While Aleena may sometimes be inclined to spend time alone in her room, she enjoys family time with regular reminders and encouragement that her presence is valued and needed in the home. Aleena will understandably need to take her time in being able to trust an adoptive family. Aleena's team thinks she would do best in a two-parent home with adults who are communicative and capable of showing Aleena how much they care. While she gets along with kids of all ages, her team does think she'll likely do better in a home without babies or toddlers so she's able to get all the time and attention she deserves from her adoptive family.

Aleena has a lot of complicated feelings about being adopted. She reflects honestly that "adoption scares me due to previous experiences.” At the same time, she remains open and willing to explore new connections. She's an amazing teenager who is ready to flourish with the support and love of an adoptive family behind her. Please reach out if you think yours could be the permanent home for Aleena! We're ready to help her find the adoptive family she so deserves.

Could you see Aleena as part of your family?