Meet Eliazar

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Special Note: Guardianship Family Needed

Eliazar is eligible for Guardianship, although some children can become open to adoption over time if the right situation occurs. Most important is to find a permanent family that will love and nurture him for life. The inquiry process remains the same; please use the "Make an Inquiry" button below and specify interest in being Eliazar's guardian. Learn more about Guardianship here.

Eliazar is a quiet, loving, and caring young teen. He sometimes likes to go by "Eli." His favorite board game is chess and he also loves the card game Magic and enjoys playing Pokemon. Eli is not a big fan of the outdoors, although once in a while he will participate in outdoor activities such as soccer or a walk. He doesn't really like camping or hiking, but enjoys movies. He has said he wouldn't mind trying wrestling someday. While Eli has grown accustomed to living on a mini farm, he is not necessarily fond of the country. However, he does enjoy all the animals. Eli also likes to read fictional books and spend quiet and quality time with family.

Eliazar loves spicy chips like Takis; they are his favorite treat! He also likes quick and easy food, like Taco Bell, McDonalds and Panda Express. He loves the McChicken at McDonalds and the Orange Chicken at Panda Express. He has a difficult time trying new foods but will give in after some encouragement.

After a tough journey in life, more than anything Eli needs the permanency, love and stability of a staying-with-him family. He needs a family to shower him with that positive, loving attention he deserves.

Knowing one's roots and lifestory is critical to wellbeing, and increases in importance for teens. Eli has some folks in his life with whom he has a great relationship, and others he would like to stay connected with over time to learn more about where he comes from. It will be important for Eli to be supported in his decision to continue that contact.

Eli is in 8th grade, but school is not necessarily his favorite place. Like many youth, he appreciates the breaks and vacation days! A family who can be enthusiastic academic advocates and supporters both at home and at school will be important for Eli.

Eli will best benefit from a family that can understand his background as well as provide him with encouragement and support through his journey to find permanency. Eli is very sweet and loving and would benefit from a family that is equally sweet and loving and can ensure his safety, comfort and growth. Eli would love a family that would be open to keeping him close to his culture such as providing him with Mexican meals, even if it is once in a while, exposing him to the Spanish language, and encouraging him to learn more Spanish. The most important request for Eli is that he be allowed to maintain contact with his siblings once placed in his permanent home.

Eli said he would like a family that plays games and who will want to do that together as a family. He is also open to a family with siblings. Since Halloween is his favorite holiday, from the pumpkins to the candy to the costumes, it is important that a family be willing to celebrate with him!

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