Meet Victor

Victor is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that empowers youth to speak directly to potential adoptive families. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Passionate about: Creating music
Current goal: Graduate high school
Talented: Artist
Looking for: A permanent home

One of Victor's greatest passions as a teen is making music. Hear him share about it!

When asked what he wants to share with potential families about himself, Victor notes that he loves music, is easy-going, and is very flexible on what a family, or home, can look like. He wants people to know he’s nonjudgmental and has no real specifications on how a family should look. As a teenager, Victor is honest and open about his evolving feelings around permanency and adoption. But he remains open to finding and making a long-term connection with a family who would support him as he grows into young adulthood and launches into the rest of life.

It's not enough to say that music is a hobby for Victor. It's core to who he is. He makes his own music by filling notebooks with lyrics, finding music beats that match his rhythms and cadence, and then recording his verses in his free time. Music has been an important part of Victor's life for many years and has allowed him to process and reflect on his emotions, his life. He is eager to continue pursuing music as an outlet as he gets older.

Victor wanted to share about what he's looking for in a future home and the next years of life.

Victor's creativity doesn't just stop at music. He enjoys drawing and painting. He’s an awesome, charismatic kid who gets along with folks from any walk of life. Victor really enjoys hanging out with his friends, going to see movies, and playing video games.

Currently in his junior year of high school, Victor’s favorite subject is art and he's interested in learning about business and sales. He's still considering his post-high school options, which may include pursuing more education or finding a regular job (or both!). A family who could come alongside and support him in this transition would be a great fit.

Image of Victor with text that reads: "Victor's message to potential families: It'll say a lot if you're just there to support me, be there for me, and guide me through the first parts of life."

There’s a lot to appreciate about Victor. When asked, his caseworker says he appreciates how Victor is “extremely kind and funny, does everything asked of him, [and] has a very positive attitude.” Victor’s whole team are champions of the potential they see in this great kid.

Victor is proud of being able to approach tough situations with grace and thoughtfulness. And he's been enjoying life lately; checking off goals and having fun along the way. Between completing courses for additional credit, applying for jobs, and enjoying improv, movies, and parks in his community, Victor is clearly thriving.

If you can see this great kid in your family, please reach out to get to know more about him. We’re excited to help him find that lasting connection he deserves.

Beyond the Profile: Victor has a rare blend of openness, authenticity, and courage. It's those qualities that make him such a fun teen to spend time with and dive into topics ranging from music, to sports, to poetry, to future aspirations. I love the In-Depth Profile we created together because it gives such great insight into his passions, his focused nature, and his thoughtfulness. Every conversation or interaction we had was chalked full of substance or humor or just genuinely great back-and-forth chats. I find myself gushing about Victor when reflecting back on our collaboration to create his profile. What a cool teenager! I am eager to get his project out into the world for families to see because he deserves to find the future home he's still looking for.

-Nick Baumgartner, NWAE Youth Engagement Specialist