Meet Victor

When asked what he wants to share with potential adoptive families about himself, Victor notes that he loves music, is easy-going, and is very flexible on what a family can look like. He wants families to know he’s nonjudgmental and has no real specifications on how a family should look. Because he’s a teenager, Victor has had some hesitant feelings around finding a family who will adopt him, but regardless, he’s dedicated to finding and making a long-term connection with a family.

As we’ve already mentioned, Victor loves music but he doesn’t just like to listen to it – he makes music too. He’s very creative in general and enjoys drawing and painting. He’s an awesome, charismatic kid who gets along with folks from any walk of life. Victor really enjoys hanging out with his friends, going to see movies, and playing video games.

Heading into his junior year, Victor’s favorite subject is art and he has a focus for his future already. As of right now, he’s interested in eventually graduating college with a degree in business or sales.

There’s a lot to appreciate about Victor. When asked, his social worker says he appreciates how Victor is “extremely kind and funny, does everything asked of him, [and] has a very positive attitude.” Victor’s whole team are champions of the potential they see in this great kid.

Victor is proud of being able to approach tough situations with grace and thoughtfulness. And he's been having a lot of fun lately; checking off goals and having fun along the way. Between completing courses for additional credit, applying for jobs, and enjoying improv, movies, and parks in his community, Victor is clearly thriving.

If you can see this great kid in your family, please reach out to get to know more about him. We’re excited to help him find that lasting connection he deserves.