Meet Rozey

Introducing Rozey! Rozey is a quirky, engaging, playful, and loving kid who is looking to her future with a sense of excitement and hope. She is ready to meet her permanent family!

Rozey loves anything having to do with make-up, hair, nails, and fashion. She impressively crafts and creates her own outfits, embracing the opportunity to express herself. Teal, pink, and purple are her colors of choice. Rozey has a heartfelt affection for unicorns, rainbows, llamas, and anything sparkly or fuzzy. Artistic and creative, she loves decorating for the holidays, decorating her bedroom, and making clothes for her dolls using basic household items. Rozey also adores music and spending quality time with her caregivers doing fun activities like arts and crafts.

Cats, dogs, horses, cows, sheep, chickens, and more – Rozey considers herself a friend to all animals! Rozey loves being a part of taking care of pets and being responsible for their care. She finds comfort in being near animals and nothing beats snuggle time on the couch with a furry friend. Rozey also loves finding time to play outside – swimming, camping, going to the beach, and just exploring nature help her thrive. She gains so much from these activities, especially when it’s in a smaller setting with her most trusted people.

Rozey says that her favorite thing about herself is “my personality.” Always eager to help, she feels a sense of accomplishment when she can show off her responsibility. Rozey’s caregivers describe her as having a kind of “youthful innocence about her.” She is eager to learn about the world and to have caregivers who will help enhance and improve her understanding of it. Rozey does her best in a structured, consistent, and predictable environment. A simple 10-minute heads up before it’s time to change gears makes all the difference to Rozey. She’s self-reflective too, and has been working on growing her patience.

Rozey loves attending school! With the help of her strong school support system, Rozey is able to thrive. Having adoptive parents who can help advocate for Rozey’s education will continue to help her succeed academically. Quite social, Rozey appreciates spending times with her peers. She definitely leans towards balancing group time with one-on-one settings where she can focus on her interactions with just one friend at a time though. Rozey absolutely deserves to feel the full spotlight of love and attention from her adoptive family, so with that in mind, Rozey’s team thinks that she’ll do best in a home where she’s the only child or the younger sibling of teenage or adult children.

Rozey has a large support system of devoted caregivers she has developed over the years who look forward to offering her new caregivers their support moving forward. Rozey also has a sibling who she’s close with and wants to stay very connected to. She has a few other members of her biological family that she wants to maintain contact with as well. There are many people who love and care about Rozey and want to be a part of her life!

Rozey is so ready to find a place to call home with a family that will love and support her unconditionally. If you think you might be the family Rozey’s looking for, please reach out and let us know! We can’t wait to help find her the adoptive home and family she deserves.

Could you see Rozey as part of your family?