Meet Nevaeh

Nevaeh’s bright imagination and creativity are so cool. She likes art and has a real talent for it, especially when it comes to drawing people and nature. Nevaeh has an endless number of hobbies and says that doing so makes her “relatable and easy to get along with.” She’s a super well-rounded kid who is just as happy riding her bike or playing outside as she is baking with her foster mom or taking a dance class.

Currently in the 6th grade, Nevaeh is an active learner who loves school and is super engaged and involved in extracurriculars. She’s a great student who tends to get along with just about everyone. Talkative and outgoing, Nevaeh tends to share her thoughts and feelings relatively effortlessly. It’s no surprise that she has lots of friends both at school and in her neighborhood.

Her foster parents are very fond of Nevaeh and say she’s fun to spend time and play games with. They confirm she gets along with everyone, has a lot of hobbies, and is super passionate about art. Nevaeh is really close with her foster parents. Though Nevaeh’s team is actively hoping to hear from potential adoptive placements for her, it should be noted the transition will need to be slow and is indicative of where Nevaeh is at.

Nevaeh’s team thinks she’ll flourish with a parent or two that can provide consistency and structure in her daily life, as well as lots of affection and encouragement. Though her worker would love to see her as an only child, there’s a benefit to having older siblings as well, as long as she can have her own room and space. Nevaeh's team especially wants to hear from local, Washington families, but all families are encouraged to reach out to learn more about this awesome kid, who deserves a permanent place to call home.

If you can see Nevaeh in your family, please reach out!