Meet Sofey

Shopping, listening to music, hanging out with friends – the most classic of pastimes are the things Sofey enjoys the most. Never taking herself too seriously, Sofey is easy-going and really matter-of-fact about life, even when something disastrous a dropped birthday cake. She’s the kind of person to carry right on, unbothered by the way it looks, just happy to share a delicious cake with her loved ones for her birthday.

As she looks forward to her sophomore year in high school, Sofey is consistently a great student who keeps her goals at the top of her mind. She’s not into what she calls “high school drama” and prefers to keep her focus elsewhere.

When asked what her caseworker appreciates about Sofey, she says:

“Sofey is an honest person, even if it’s a difficult situation. As the worker, I appreciate the open conversation.”

She adds that even though Sofey hasn’t had a ton of consistent support in her life growing up, she’s always made the best choices for herself. Similarly, Sofey’s caregiver says they appreciate her patience and drive. She’s hoping to get a job this summer so she has something active to do in her free time.

When asked what she wants families to know, Sofey expresses that she’s very open to finding a place to call home permanently. She’s looking forward to building a long-lasting connection with a family, especially when considering future holidays and the importance of having someone to share her life and future children with. Sofey really wants to find a permanent connection with people who will love and support her throughout life’s journey. Very specifically, she’s said she’d “like to be adopted by two gay men from Florida” because she “thinks it’ll be the most fun.”

Of course, Sofey’s team is excited to hear from all families who think she’d fit right into their family. Sofey is such a great teen who gets along with everyone and does well with kids her age as well as older and younger kids.

Sofey deserves to find a permanent place to call home and a long-lasting connection with a family who will always be there for you. If you can see Sofey in yours, reach out!