Meet Kannon

Active and always up for something fun, Kannon is such an awesome kid. A good way to highlight Kannon’s energy is by going to the trampoline park. Kannon loves the trampoline park, and trampolines in general. What more exciting way to exert some energy than by flying through the air? Kannon also enjoys biking, gardening, and swimming. He’s currently taking swim lessons and enjoys getting as much practice as possible. Honestly even hanging around outside, collecting sticks, rocks, and exploring nature is enough for Kannon. He appreciates being outdoors regardless of the activity.

When he’s inside playing, Kannon expresses his creativity by building with LEGOs, doing a jigsaw puzzle, or from time-to-time, pretending to be a ninja.

Family game night means a lot to Kannon, as he’s a video, board, and card game guy. He really likes challenging his favorite adults to games like Risk, Exploding Kittens, and Uno! He’s happy to play videogames either by himself or with his friends. Kannon’s current favorites are Minecraft, Splatoon, The Legend of Zelda, and Roblox.

Kannon has been called easy to love and it’s clear to see why. His caregivers say that Kannon “likes to learn and explore, is curious and adventurous, observant, [has a] great imagination, and can be compassionate and forgiving.” Kannon recently learned about farmers markets. From his caregiver:

“We made sure to stop by on opening day to see what treasures we could find. Kannon was unfamiliar with what a farmers market was but soon fell in love with it and has wanted to go every weekend since. He loves to ask questions and is a curious kid, so he learns something at every stand. He got some flower starts and learned about pollinators and the different varieties of sunflowers all through the conversation and questions he asked the sellers. He has been active in gardening ever since. He talked with a carpenter and brought home ideas on things to build. He talked to a baker about all the different types of treats she makes and wanted to start baking at home. He learned about tree starts, specifically about Redwoods and Sequoias. He really wants to plant one in our backyard, but has settled on seeing grown ones in person. He learned from the seller where he can find grown versions of the trees locally so he can see how big they get. The market also sparked his imagination. A necklace he got is now an item that gives him special powers. A piece of art made of resin and seashells is somehow a kunai (ninja tool). Kannon carries himself through life this way. He explores, learns, is not afraid to ask questions and dig deep in learning about what he wants to know.”

Heading into the 5th grade, Kannon excels at reading and is working on subjects that are tougher like writing. In school, he’s been making lots of friends and doing great with schoolwork.

As Kannon continues to work hard on lifelong skills like expressing his feelings, his caregivers state that he really wants to do well in new relationships and is able to relax more often these days. Everyone is proud of Kannon’s ability to learn and grow. An adoptive family who can continue to encourage him and help teach him those big life lessons will be a great addition to his life.

When asked what Kannon himself wants to share with potential adoptive families, he says:

“My favorite superhero is not Batman. Baby Yoda is my favorite superhero and I *love* Star Wars.”

Our apologies to Batman. Besides superheroes, Kannon wants to be involved in the adoption process and wants “dogs, cats, lots of kinds of animals, and I want siblings.”

Kannon’s team is eager to hear from potential adoptive families who can support Kannon through all of his wonderful stages of life. The team is not particular about family configuration though please note Kannon himself would love pets.

If you can see this amazing adventure-seeker in your family, please reach out to us. We’re excited to find Kannon the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Kannon as part of your family?