Meet Nate

Nate is excited to share some of his story through our In-Depth Profiles, a NWAE project that gives youth in foster care the leading voice in finding their own adoptive family. Learn more about In-Depth Profiles.

Really wants: A caring adoptive family
Is looking to earn: More independence
Has a reputation for: Big acts of kindness
Sinks: Every single shot

Nate thought he could make an introduction by showcasing some humor and talent through this Basketball "Trick Shot" Video. Because what's more impressive than kicking a basketball through the hoop? Well perhaps convincing people that it was 100% real!

Nate is a kind and sincere teenager who people gravitate to for his calm assurances. Always willing to help out his friends or family, Nate brings a contagious benevolence into family life. He’s often the first person to help out a friend or family member, whether that’s in the kitchen where he helps with the meals or out in the driveway helping younger kids put up their shots toward the basketball hoop.

Now in his freshman year of high school, Nate’s main educational focuses are on reading, math, and writing – subjects that he is continually improving on throughout his schooling career. Reading is a favorite, especially when he gets the chance to dive into a book about Star Wars or something equally exciting! An adoptive family who can really advocate for his educational success will be really valuable for Nate.

He seamlessly picks up sports, as he finds this to be a great ways to connect with the younger kids in his foster parents' home as well as with other youth in the neighborhood. Completing necessary chores and tasks are no problem when it comes with the promise of having his remaining time free to play around outside or on the Xbox during a rainy afternoon.

Like many other teens, Nate is a big fan of video games. His very favorite games are Star Wars Battlefront and Minecraft. In fact, he’s gets pretty elaborate when it comes to building worlds in the latter! The digital world isn’t the only one that appeals to Nate, however. He's also in his element outdoors. Going to the park, sleeping under the stars when camping, and attending YMCA day camps where he can make new friends have been some noteworthy adventures.

As he explores the world of being a teenager, Nate really appreciates when he gets a taste of his very own freedom. Riding a bike to a friend’s house or going to the park alone are two examples of rights he would like to earn. Set expectations and thorough explanations are also important to Nate. If a decision is made, he wants to understand the “why” behind that choice. An adoptive family who will discuss outcomes and decision-making with Nate would be the best kind of family for him.

Nate has a few important connections in his life, including his biological brother, and would appreciate an adoptive family who will help cultivate those bonds. He would like to keep the relationships he currently has as he integrates into an adoptive family. Nate’s culture is really important to him as well – an adoptive family who can understand and relate to him will be an extra good fit. As we have mentioned once or twice, Nate is very friendly and would absolutely love to be in a family with older or younger siblings. The kind of family who treats everyone with respect and love would be a great fit for this connecting and caring teenager. A family that is outdoor-oriented and excited to encourage Nate’s talents will be the best thing for him!

If you are interested in adopting Nate, or learning more about him please let us know!

Portrait by Kai-Huei Yau, in partnership with Adopt-A-Child Photography.

Nate shares about making the "trick shot" video, and in so doing gives some insight into what he's like when he's off camera.

Every once in a while, a foster parent steps forward and provides a special insight into a youth's amazing qualities. After a year of knowing him, Lisa shares some treasured qualities she regularly encounters in Nate.

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