Meet Jeffrey "Adam"

Jeffery, known better as “Adam”, is a vibrant, bright, and loving teen. Adam is excited about the prospect of joining a family and a home that will be full of love and encouragement. He loves all animals and really wants a pet dog. He even wants to be a vet tech someday!

From his carefully styled hair, to his colorful wardrobe, there’s no doubt that Adam is one of the most stylish teens you’ll ever meet. Adam has an adventurous spirit and loves spending time outdoors. He was recently able to help build a garden and very much enjoyed it. He also loves hiking and rock climbing. Adam is open to most any adventure – he thinks that skydiving would be amazing!

Adam loves reading and devours books. He enjoys all genres, though his favorites are fantasy novels and stories about magic and myth. He is committed to doing well in school and is working hard toward continued success. Adam aspires to build a career working with animals and is doing a great job putting in the work to ensure that he can make that happen.

Adam has an amazing CASA team that he is very close to; these folks have been very supportive and encouraging of Adam over time. The team would really appreciate continued relationships with this awesome kid. Adam is also close with his current foster parent and respite provider and he would like to maintain his bonds with each of them as well. Adam would also benefit from having an adoptive family who is open to helping him navigate relationships with members of his biological family.

Adam is someone who appreciates closeness and regular check-ins, like asking how his school day went. He’s hoping to find a family and a home that is full of love and encouragement (and animals too, please!). An affirming home that will support him as he continues discovering who he is will be so great for Adam.

Adam’s team knows that he’ll do well in a variety of families and says that he’s open to any family structure. He is really just looking for a home to call his own, permanently. Adam will do best in a family that is able to give him a lot of love and individual attention. He does well with siblings, but would also feel comfortable as an only child in the home. If you could see this kind, adventurous, and ambitious teen as a member of your family, please reach out to us! We’re so excited to help Adam find the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see Jeffrey "Adam" as part of your family?