Meet Keegan and Konnor

Keegan and Konnor are waiting for a loving, committed family who can provide long lasting care. While adoption is not currently an option, it will become an option once an adoptive family is located. Regardless, they still need permanency through a nurturing family. Learn more about Guardianship or Long Term Foster Care.

Keegan and Konnor are two energetic siblings with infectious smiles and enthusiastic personalities. These brothers are very close in age and thrive on the time they get to spend with one another. They are both active, outdoorsy, sports loving kids who are looking for their permanent home.

Keegen is a clever problem solver, verbal processor, and storyteller. He easily adapts to new activities and loves to lend a helping hand. A quick learner, Keegan has an interest in science and technology. Keegan loves outdoor activities such as hunting, camping and fishing. He’s a sports lover for sure, with an inclination towards soccer and wrestling. Jack-of-all-trades that he is, he also likes gardening and cooking. Keegan has been doing a great job continuing to develop his communication skills and thrives on receiving positive praise.

Konnor is always up for an adventure. He is quite the smart and funny kid! He likes to play sports, especially when it comes to soccer, basketball and baseball. Konnor loves the outdoors and looks forward to getting more opportunities to flex his fishing skills. He loves playing wall ball, doing archery, and swimming. Konnor also has a love of pop music and playing his keyboard. Konnor appreciates getting one on one quality time with the important people in his life. He’s known to be sweet, generous, and a total animal lover. It’s important for Konnor to feel in-the-loop about what’s going on and to know that he is being thoughtfully considered and incorporated into decision making.

Both Keegan and Konnor have been working with a mentor who helps provide some boundaries while they’re out and about in the community and will continue to need some of these ongoing supports. They do experience the occasional sibling rivalry, but for the most part really appreciate each other’s company and presence. Both kids have some connections with members of their biological family that they would like to maintain.

Keegen and Konnor’s team is looking for an active family who is able to keep up with this energetic duo. Both of them will benefit from supportive parents who can help them continue to learn to express themselves and accept guidance from others. Konnor especially appreciates a sense of routine and predictability so he can know what’s coming next.

A family who can help Keegan and Konnor maintain their active lifestyles and facilitate lots of outdoor fun is a must! Please reach out to us if you think you could be the energetic, outdoorsy, and patient family that Keegan and Konnor are looking for. We can’t wait to help find them the permanent home and family they deserve.

For inquiries on this child, please contact special recruiter Katie Grinnell at Boys & Girls Aid at 503-354-6410 or

Could you see Keegan and Konnor as part of your family?