Meet Christian

A polite and sweet teen, Christian has an extraordinary love for books and movies. He enjoys reading just about anything, but particularly gravitates towards fantasy and science fiction. He loves these genres the most because “anything can happen.” A huge Harry Potter fan, Christian is certain he would be sorted into the house of Hufflepuff – mostly because he thinks they seem like the nicest crowd and he always strives to be kind to everyone. He likes watching movies and said his favorite movie right now is A Dog's Purpose. Christian is very creative and enjoys art and painting. He's also an avid LEGO constructor and reports that Star Wars LEGOs are his favorite. He hopes to be a police officer when he grows up because he wants to help others. He also took ice skating lessons last winter and loved them! He's also interested in cooking and would love to learn more about the craft. Christian also really hopes to learn to swim and ride a bike.

Quite bright, Christian does well academically in school and is proud to earn good grades in all subjects. Math is his favorite, and although he struggled to come up with a subject that he doesn’t enjoy, he settled on history as probably being his least favorite. He is currently finishing up the 7th grade. Christian participates in band as a percussionist which he enjoys because he gets to play multiple different instruments instead of just one.

Christian can be a little reserved and would do well in family where they are willing to give him some time to open up. Christian has few close connections he’d like to maintain and is looking for a family that will help him continue to form relationships in healthy and lasting ways.

Christian has done well in a home where there are clear expectations, boundaries, and structure. He would do well with caregivers who are willing to be creative and flexible when it comes to helping Christian navigate his day. He would benefit from calm, mature, and understanding caregivers who can be supportive as he builds trust with them, and who understand if that may take some time.

He's very open minded when it comes to his adoptive family. Christian expressed that he would prefer to be an only child as he has spent most of his life as an only child, but is open to having siblings if the family is the right fit. He thinks he would enjoy living in a city and would like to have pets – specifically cats. Christian enjoys going out to eat and doing activities with his current foster family and would like to find an adoptive family that enjoys spending time together. He looks forward to the adventure of camping and would like to find a family who enjoys experiencing the outdoors. If you’re ready to hop into the kitchen, settle in for movie marathons, and head to the great outdoors alongside this amazing kid, please reach out to us! We’re excited to help Christian find the adoptive family he’s looking for and deserves.

Could you see Christian as part of your family?