Meet King

Always on the go, King loves to be active in any possible way. His three favorite outdoor activities are riding his bike, gliding down the street on his scooter, and playing basketball. This kid is happiest when he can be on the move, even just going for a car ride or watching the trains go by.

Batman and Spider-Man are King’s favorite superheroes but don’t get us wrong – he likes them all. When he’s not outside enjoying nature, he’s likely watching his favorite cartoons or playing some kind of electronic game. It’s not hard to make sure he’s having a good time.

Affectionate, funny, and very social, King is a people-person. He really enjoys spending time with people one-on-one, having a great conversation. He’s a curious kid who likes to ask a lot of questions and share his thoughts on various subjects. King connects well with his peers and younger kids and enjoys spending time with people of all ages. He’s really drawn to people and is learning lots about social boundaries, respect, and friendship.

In school, King is learning his ABCs, his numbers, and how to write. He’s a good student who is eager to learn and does his best in a school setting with structure and individual time. An adoptive family who can keep King motivated and guide him as he continues to learn will be really beneficial.

His team knows King is most motivated when he has lots of positive support from the adults in his life – and when he can get outside on his bike! They’re excited to hear from families who can uplift King for the awesome kid he is while giving him all of the love and support he needs to continue to learn about the world around him. King loves people and would do well in a family with other kids (and pets) as long as he’s getting ample time to shine on his own.

If you can see King in your family, please reach out! We’re excited to find him the adoptive family he deserves.

Could you see King as part of your family?