Meet Robin

A talented visual artist with a strong interest in painting, drawing, sewing, and lots of other art forms, Robin likes to be busy. Their love of art isn’t limited to the craft itself, either. They’re a big fan of music and always seem to be listening to something new and cool. They’re learning how to play the ukulele right now and previously, they played guitar. As of right now, they say their favorite genres are indie rock, alternative rock, or just rock rock. To get a better idea of what kind of style Robin is into, their current favorite bands are Girl in Red and Capetown.

Robin also enjoys horror movies and true crime shows and podcasts. They love to read and are often immersed in a good book or graphic novel, similar to a comic book, centering on LGBTQIA experiences. Some days they spend hours in their room reading, drawing, and listening to music.

Though what’s a better pairing than a good album in your headphones and a walk? Robin enjoys going outside for a walk, a bike ride, or just to hang out. Despite their limited experience with team sports, they courageously decided to join a soccer team this year and are a great sport! Currently in 6th grade, Robin is a good student and is very well-liked by teachers. They have strong reading and writing skills and are doing well in math, even though they insist this is not a favorite subject. Robin is particularly enthusiastic about their art and social justice courses this year. Looking to the future, they’d really like to be able to stay at the same high school through graduation, as they want to be able to make strong friendships with their schoolmates.

Friendly, enthusiastic, confident, and creative, there are immeasurable great things to say about this awesome kid. In their current home, Robin does well with younger and older kids and though they have mild allergies, enjoys household pets. In fact, the dogs find them to be a consistent source of treats, so they’re all big fans of Robin’s.

When asked what they want to share with families, Robin has much to say. They’ve expressed that it’s important for their future adoptive family to be LGBTQ+ affirming and supportive. They’d also like to have their own room to have a space to reflect on their own. They’re a big fan of letter writing to think or talk something out. Robin has shared that they would be happy in a single mom or nonbinary parent or with a two-parent household of any gender. Other kids are great and Robin would prefer them to be close in age so they can bond. Ideally, they have a particular desire to stay local but would be open to moving as long as the setting isn’t “too rural.” They really like being within walking distance of shops and stores. At the moment, they’re not participating in any religious observation and would like to be given a choice whether or not they participate in a potential adoptive families’ observations as well.

Their team is excited to hear from families of all configurations as long as they will champion Robin for who they are and what they’re passionate about. A family who is big on calm conversations and can be there for this awesome kid, please reach out. We’re excited to find Robin the family they deserve!

Could you see Robin as part of your family?