Meet Anthony

No doubt about it, Anthony is an incredibly lovable and loyal kid! Loyalty is very important to Anthony – once he finds “his person” he wants to remain very close to them. He enjoys interacting with others, especially those he knows and can trust. Anthony is excited to find the family and home where he can stay for good!

Enjoy this short video introducing Anthony to potential adoptive families!

Anthony enjoys a slower-paced day, especially if it involves playing with his favorite toys and using his imagination. Some of Anthony’s most steadfast and enduring interests are his Transformers, Minecraft, and LEGOs. He loves to spend his time constructing wonderful creations from his LEGOs or orchestrating elaborate scenes between his Transformers. Anthony really enjoys acting out Minecraft and using his imagination to transport himself and his characters into another world. Anthony seems to do better with children that are younger than he is, although he enjoys playing with kids of all ages.

Anthony is always up for movie night and especially loves the animated Transformer and Lego movies. Anthony usually leans towards playing inside, but he also likes spending time outside if it means he can ride his bike. Anthony likes animals and does well with all of them, but when asked, he’ll assure you that he is a cat person.

Anthony is bright and enjoys learning about new things. He needs some extra support in school, but he always tries his hardest and has shown clear improvement when supported well. He also loves attending his after-school program where he’s able to play with other kids. Anthony thrives in environments that are structured and with a schedule that he can become used to so he knows what to expect. Anthony will benefit greatly with parents who can help advocate for him in navigating the education system.

Anthony’s team is looking for an adoptive family who can commit to seeking out and maintaining his current supports, now and into the future. It’s important for Anthony to have a reliable, predictable routine in his adoptive home. He will benefit from an adoptive family that can provide him with that stability and consistency daily. If you’re ready to welcome this sweet, creative kid into your family, please let us know! We can’t wait to help Anthony find the adoptive home he deserves where he can grow, flourish, and thrive.

Could you see Anthony as part of your family?