Meet Billy

A social butterfly whose personality lights up the room, Billy is a bright, humorous, and energetic kid. Billy cares a lot for the people in his life and will often go out of his way to cheer up those around him if they’re feeling down. Billy is helpful and enjoys being an active member of the household through chores. Billy is a friendly and personable kid who wants to feel like he truly belongs. Kind and gentle with animals, Billy has experience living with both dogs and cats.

Billy is an athletic, on-the-go type of person! He loves to skateboard and is getting pretty good at it. He enjoys riding his bike or scooter and playing sports like basketball, football, or soccer. Billy aspires to be as good as LeBron James is one day! Billy also loves playing with LEGOs and anything Marvel related. He has a wonderful imagination and is an incredibly creative storyteller and writer.

Billy is working hard and making progress in a lot of areas of his life. He’s learning more about himself and how to effectively communicate his feelings and needs. He’s also made a lot of headway at school, where his favorite subject is math. Writing provides an enjoyable challenge for Billy, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows him if he became a successful writer someday.

Billy’s team is looking for a family who will be proactive in seeking out the supports Billy needs to maintain his well-being now and into the future. Billy appreciates having clear structure and routine at home. A parent(s) who can help advocate for Billy and serve as a role model to him would be a great fit.

Billy is a wonderful, adventurous, and personable kid who we can’t wait to help find a permanent home and family for. Please reach out to us if you think that could be you!

Could you see Billy as part of your family?