Meet Aaliyah

Aaliyah is an active, friendly and energetic kid who eagerly welcomes adventure. Aaliyah has a good sense of humor and loves to be able to make others laugh. A nature diva, she savors the freedom and space of the outdoors and is always up for trying new things! Aaliyah especially adores animals and easily keeps up with them. She mostly has experience being around dogs and cats so far.

No matter where she is, Aaliyah has no problem keeping busy and staying entertained. As far as indoor activities go, Aaliyah enjoys playing on her laptop and tablet. Aaliyah is a pro at putting on elaborate performances, which include singing, dancing, and music. Quite artistic, engaging in art-related activities is one of her passions; coloring in particular is very soothing to Aaliyah. When it comes to the great outdoors, Aaliyah will jump on any opportunity to go camping or to get to splash and play in some water.

Caring and affectionate, Aaliyah happily seeks out and shares hugs. She takes great joy in having a parent who is willing to sit down with her to brush, braid, and style her hair. Aaliyah loves the feeling of being pampered and doted on; who doesn’t?! As much as she enjoys the company of others, Aaliyah also appreciates being able to take space in her own room when she needs it.

Aaliyah has been making a ton of progress at school. With the supports she needs in place, Aaliyah can really excel. Aaliyah loves reading books together, library story-time, drawing pictures, and engaging in stimulating interactions and conversations with those around her. A family who can be strong educational advocates would be a great fit for Aaliyah.

Aaliyah has a number of relationships with biological relatives that she would like to maintain contact with. Her adoptive family will need to be open to supporting these relationships.

Aaliyah does best when she has a consistent daily routine set by caregivers who can provide her with ongoing structure and support. Aaliyah’s caregivers will need to be ready to join her team of providers and cheerleaders, already full of people who care so much for this amazing kid! Her team thinks Aaliyah would do best in a two-parent family without other younger children, though any families who think they could be a good fit for Aaliyah are encouraged to reach out.

Please let us know if you’re feeling ready to sing, color, and dance the day away with Aaliyah! We’re excited to help find her the loving and committed adopted family she deserves.

Could you see Aaliyah as part of your family?