Meet Kollin

Creative and capable, Kollin thrives on music and physical activity. He’s self-taught on piano, guitar, ukulele, and enjoys singing. He’s a fan of mixed martial arts, enjoys working out, meal planning, cooking, and would like to have a gym membership. Kollin does well academically and is looking toward continuing his studies after high school at a trade school. He’s good at language arts, history, PE, and thinks he may want to be a physical trainer or work at a gym. He dreams of being an actor, model, or music artist. Kollin is social and makes friends easily.

Though he’s from Alaska, Kollin likes the idea of living “outside” too, and he is open to any type of family. He would love to have a dog and his own room where he can have a gaming system and beanbag chair, and set up a shelf to display his favorite books. Kollin will thrive with parents who are accepting and encouraging, reminding him that they aren’t going anywhere, no matter what.

We’re excited to find the right adoptive family for Kollin! If you’d like to learn more about this kind-hearted kid, please let us know.

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