Meet Lazaro

If it’s been raining, Lazaro wants to go outside. Not everyone embraces the soggy world that rain leaves behind, but Lazaro certain does. Rain brings puddles which means he can throw on his rain boots and splash around! It’s okay if it hasn’t been raining though – Lazaro enjoys being outside regardless. He likes trail-walking and running in the backyard most of all!

While inside, Lazaro likes to play on his tablet, which is also a great learning tool for him. Puzzles, painting and drawing pictures, and coloring are also all favorite pastimes of Lazaro’s.

In the 3rd grade, Lazaro does his best with a strong support system to guide and encourage him as he navigates his education. His teachers all love Lazaro and he’s bonded well with them. His favorite subjects are art and math, but he also loves books! He always likes to have a book read to him before bed.

“He has a good memory and is a lovely and sweet boy.”

There are important family connections in Lazaro’s life that his future adoptive family will need to support as well. Lazaro’s team is eager to hear from families who are skilled with routine and structure while also being compassionate and loving. They are open to hearing from all families as long as they’re excited to welcome Lazaro into their home.

Could you see Lazaro as part of your family?