Meet Nathan

This friendly and likable youth enjoys hands-on activities such as building with Legos and doing art projects. A resourceful artist, Nathan creates masterpieces with limited materials. Playing Magic the Gathering is a favorite activity, and Nathan is passionate about listening to a variety of music. Any activity or object related to Dr. Who is sure to attract Nathan's interest, and he is a self-proclaimed expert on Tesla cars. He’s also happy to be outdoors, riding his bike or playing volleyball.

Nathan recognizes his Alaska native background, but unlike his brother identifies strongly with the Samoan culture. He likes singing and dancing, and has developed a strong faith base from attending the Samoan church. He values quality time with the important people in his life, and is encouraged by receiving gifts or hugs.

Nathan will thrive with a family that prioritizes time together and offers unconditional patience, support, and affection to Nathan as he seeks to understand himself and his place in the community. He enjoys animals and would love it if his forever family has pets! Nathan hopes to maintain his relationships with his adult sister and teenage brother.

Could you see Nathan as part of your family?